Thursday, December 18, 2003

I'm not a livejournal user but I find this very interesting. I found it in Elvira's livejournal. I don't know where she gets all these stuff but they're very interesting.

My journal says I'm 61% feminine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by

Saturday, December 13, 2003

It's the season to be jolly.......

Been a long time..... as I remember Elvira's opening words in Raised to the Tenth's newsletter Of the Three Worlds.

There are only about 12 days left before Christmas. Somehow I realize that it doesn't sound and feel like it's Christmas. It's very sad to say and it's very disappointing. I am very excited though to take my vacation from all the busy work of all sorts if reading and rushing to meet deadlines. Relationships in school are "strictly business" relationships so to speak and that's when I realized that there are actually very few who take time to sit and see their life pass by. A season like this has also made me realize how I miss the old times. How I miss the sunset in St. Scho. as I feel the surroundings around me turn bluish. As I smell that sunset, the grass of the field, the cold stone tables. I can't help but miss it. I miss it really and sometimes I still feel the sunset in my new School, in my new environment, in my strictly- business- environment. I admit that I really am thankful that I can still sometimes feel it. People have grown cold and I have difficulty battling that discovery of mine, which you might have had discovered too or might have realized. People find sunsets corny, they find those little wonderful things so boring and I miss the discussions on the phone with Elvira. I miss how she'd make me laugh and how she listens to me attentively. I miss it really, I really do and it's hard to find TRUE FRIENDS. She's one of a kind.

Friday, October 10, 2003

On Partisanship

sent by e-mail by: Elvin Uy

Politics or political science (as well as governance) is essentially
a FOREIGN social science. It was first introduced by ancient
philosophers (Plato, et. al) of the west and their successors (still
western people) have continued to develop it. Much of the things we
do or know right now about politics and governance came from the
west (our very own constitution is patterned after the USA's
charter). While the theory or the practice of politics does adapt
to the culture or environment that utilizes it, certain fundamental
concepts CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT be altered. One of them is the
importance of PARTISANSHIP to political parties and governance, most
The problem with our government (Philippines) right now is not that
we have too much politics. On the contrary, we lack MATURE and
MEANINGFUL politics. Of the 170++ political parties registered in
COMELEC, only a handful (maybe even less) can attest that they do
have a well-defined and well-articulated ideology. That's the
reason why you have politicians who change sides (switch parties)
before elections (to win) or after winning one. That is also the
reason why the electorate tends to vote based on popularity,
personality (credentials), and a superficial (mababaw) understanding
of university and national issues (this applies to elections here in
the university and beyond). What we see in the government (again,
both inside and outside the university) are individuals who can be
considered highly qualified to lead, in terms of credentials, yet do
not have well-formed political beliefs and as such, are unable to
represent. That causes the mess that is our government right now.
It lacks focus and direction because the leaders who are steering
the government (hence the student body or the country) are doing so
in different and opposite directions.

On choosing the leader(s)...

There seems to be an endless debate about how to choose one's
leaders. Those who believe that partisanship is a no-no argue that
credentials and some other qualities must be the prime basis in
choosing a leader. Credibility, they say, gets their vote. This is
not entirely wrong (it's quite ok if you're using these criteria for
choosing, say a class valedictorian). However, in the realm of
politics and governance, this is quite INADEQUATE. Why? Governance
is essentially about REPRESENTATION; relevant and meaningful
governance is a by-product of clashes between different beliefs and
principles (between distinct ways of thinking). Leaders who only
have good leadership background, have great credentials (past
involvements, achievements), and even have a genuine passion for
service will not be able to hack it simply because they lack true
understanding of what governance entails. Governance is about
shaping and forming policies, not merely activity planning and
implementation. And the way for leaders to decide on important
issues is not through consulting everyone of the electorate (that
would, in the words of Mr. Salamat, make the SC mean student
counseling) but by living up to the mandate the electorate gave its
representatives. Leaders are so named because they LEAD or STEER a
community towards something, not because they consult everyone and
try to find out which option holds the majority (there is nothing,
of course, wrong with consultation). Believe me when I say that
without leaders with well-formed political beliefs, the government
will simply fall apart (or operate aimlessly). Either way, the
electorate, the people who gave a piece of their power to their
representatives, stands to lose in such a situation. That's what
Tapat is against, that's why we keep advocating PARTY POLITICS

I can go on and on about party politics and its merit but it'll make
this email too long (as if this is not long enough). I will however
give you guys a piece of my mind every now and then (on this issue

I suggest you guys try to read up (books, columns, mags) or try to
ask people who know about politics and governance on this issue.
I'm quite confident that by doing so, you guys will realize why we
are so damned passionate about party politics. Hopefully, you'll
even be thankful that there are still groups (student organizations
nonetheless) who advocate such an ideal yet essential notion of
politics and governance.

Elvin Uy
Chair, Advocacy Arm

Hello there everyone! Long time no post. I just dropped by to post to all those people whom I haven't had contact with for several months. I've been busy and very busy reading and reading stuff.

Tito Ray if ever you drop by here I'm very sorry that I haven't been sending you e-mails please do not think that I have already forgotten you. I was just busy and I can't even e-mail Elvira. I really hope that I would be able to write you and tell you so many stories soon. God Bless! Animo La Salle!

Elvira To be or not to be that is the question! I hope that you'd be able to make it to College. I'm very excited for you and I know that you will pass whatever test there is to take. Ikaw pa you are the "Walking Library" diba. I sure hope that you didn't turn into a walking post office or a walking mail box. Tired and degraded from work. Well atleast diba you're degraded, which means you are BIODEGRADABLE!!!!!!!!! Remember that when we were sophomores, we were sitting at the canteen and there was this big sign at your back which says, NON- BIODEGRADABLE and I said, "Non- Biodegradable pala si Hiei?!" And you said, "Hindi ako noh! Si Mokuro!" Joke lang yun! Miss na kita and I'll mail you my address. Please tell Tito Ray that I posted something here so that he'd know just in case. Thank you! Beat the exam ok. I would be praying for you! Thank you so much for criticizing my written works. I sure am learning from them. The one entitled "Tomorrow at 5 am" is dedicated solely to you. Did you read it? I also posted it here. I hope that my writing skills are improving all I am not into writing this season. I will try to write more if I can and I'd post it here.

Noey Long time no see. I haven't seen you in a long time. I haven't seen you yet here in the University. Miss na rin kita and I just had a burst of memory and I remembered you. Did you know that you were the one to teach me how to pony tail my hair? We were in second grade then and we were having the Intrams. While we were in the Prep Area I asked you if you could pony my hair and you readily did. So I followed how you did it and got it right. Didn't you notice.... I still wear a pony tail upto now except the time when I cut my hair short. I'm glad to know that some things still last. "I need to be next to you........"

Friday, September 05, 2003

A Spontaneity in Life
by: Katrina S. Luzon

I sat down at my computer once thinking of what to write in my biography. I scanned my memory mentally outlining and screening what and what not to write. Reminiscing in my chair, I picked out small scenes from my childhood, from pre-school and from High School. Thinking about them made me realize that my life was full of tears and maybe other peoples lives were also filled with the same thing. You may and may not agree with me or should I say you may and may not deny it.
Crying is the most natural thing in the world. Humans were born into this world crying. It's a declaration of life from the moment you come out of darkness to see light. Most of the time crying becomes a person's haven, sanctuary and release from pain. Newborns cry as a sign of their needs-- the need to be fed, to be put to sleep or to be carried into their loving mother's arms. When a five-year old can't get what it wants and turns its mood to a tantrum, it usually is left alone there to cry. For in crying, subconsciously the child realizes that he can't get everything he wants and later on realizes that the world works in this way.
It maybe a common thing for people that when they grow- up they come to know that crying becomes embarrassing. It becomes childish for an adult, especially for men, to cry. For most people, it's a sign of weakness and puerility. It's simply a silly idea to be seen teary-eyed. There are people who find crying as something immature, unusual and funny. They laugh, giggle and make fun of someone they see hollering as if the whole idea of crying is wrong, as if it's not human for a person to cry. Probably denying their inner child, they grew up too much that they forgot a very basic thing in life. They forgot their humanity and became sophisticated. They forgot to let their tears fall down and to be honest to oneself and to other people. They make me wonder if they ever feel or felt anything or if they know how to cry. But we never know and we must understand that their inability to do so is not to be considered strength but weakness instead. It is a weakness trailed with the fear to look absurd in front of everyone and so they hold back their tears. Probably one of the differences between grown-ups and the little ones is that children cry freely and naturally than adults do.
I heard a two-year old kid kicking and screaming at the second aisle of a grocery store. I listen as the child lets out a loud cry releasing all his frustrations at a toy he couldn't make his mother buy and oblivious to other people passing by. I am not saying that one should cry to get what s/he wants. For me, this is what it means to shed tears. This is how crying becomes a sanctuary of crumpled-up feelings of a two-year old and might be the crumpled feelings of another grown-up. The grown-up who might wish he or she can cry and scream as loud as the two-year old just to be out of control, to let go and just to get hold of the child inside who would push the grown-up side away. They might be struggling to get out for a while in a world that is too complicated and judgmental.
Crying is admitting to yourself your weaknesses and in doing so, this becomes your strength. It gives you enough space to empty your heart and brain and to pour out everything that's inside. It exclaims all your agony and sorrow and it loosens the tight ropes of emotions that have been entwined in you for a long time. Crying is a factor that presses on the person to grow and be mature. My life may be filled with tears but I know that I did have the stepping stone or a refuge to this difficult and fast-paced living. Life can be so tough, I can honestly tell and I won't and pretend that it's simple and easy. It's difficult to suppress yourself or coil inside your hiding place. It's hard to live life without crying. Humans aren't humans if they won't shed tears; a reality, believe it or not, in which we find that it is indeed a spontaneity in life.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Tomorrow at 5am

A universal place

where all can accidentally meet

is where time stops

the world freezes


the noise is silenced

by the heart beat of the other

from the other line

from the other side

from another port

of the world

with another scene of life

From the moment that precious words are exchanged

all is in euphoria and in a state of bliss

everything is forgotten from each hand in had eclipse

The spell is broken at the strike of 10pm

Reality comes at us to bite

that we would then have to say good night

Conversations end with the infinite exchange of farewell

and a promise to meet tomorrow at 5am.


Sunday, August 31, 2003

I haven't been here for a long time. My nose got stuck between the pages of my books and I nearly dream of Visual Basic syntax and those tongue twister words from Botany class. I slept for 12 hours last Wednesday and I really felt that eyes went puffy (or not) from oversleeping. I received .:Kuya Hiei's:. Birthday card. Actually that was a long time ago but I want to use this opportunity to thank my one and only surrogate brother for remembering my Special Day. I haven't written to my Dear Helios for a long time. I owe the poor old demon lots of stories; I think I would be able to consume the limited kilobytes for e-mail if I send her an update of me since May. Boy that would be sooooo long, would it beat the Mahabarata? Nah, I ain't sending no one a poem especially a long one. Mahirap gumawa.

.:NOEY:. I need to be next to you....... I heard it once when I was reviewing for a Final Exam at around 3-4 in the morning and I remembered you. I remember Noey when it comes to giving out opinions or especially when I get soooo immature. I always think, "How would Noey oppose this kind of opinion?" Man I miss our British Parliamentary debates, I wish we could still enter the Troika Hall to watch the debates of the lower years so that we would imagine ourselves sitting there while our teacher would do those magic tricks with his cards. Do you remember the proposition, "It is always unfair in love and in war."? What else were those propositions.......? Uhm..... "This house believes that cloning should be legalized." Remember when we had that slow dragging debate about the Economy of the Philippines, I gave a speech that was less than the 3-minute cut off. It wasn't my kind of debate talking about dollar exchange rates and the Philippine Economy, besides we didn't have much data when we faced our opponents. What's weird is that we won that debate.
Anyway, we seldom see each other in school and I hope that we would meet more often this Semester. Please give me your schedule again when we meet. I look forward to our next conversation. I miss those bonding sessions in the stone tables; when could we go back there to watch the sky turn pink and purple again while I wait for the school bus and while you wait for your dad to fetch you. Somehow I still miss what we all had before. When I think about it, my 16-year old self goes back to me and I miss the feeling that I had before..... when we were Seniors.

.:KUYA HIEI:. You always make my heart leap. I didn't forget you and I won't. I think of you even in School and I remember you in almost everything. Our memories make me laugh (even when I am alone). I'm going crazy you know. I hope you're doing fine there. Tell Tito Ray, Tita Lou and Pickles that we miss you all here A LOT! I'm looking forward to chat with you if there will be a chance, long distance calls are expensive even I can't afford it. "Economic crisis man dai" as you would always say and tell me when we were in Sophomores. I remember your birthday card is on the way to Australia. Sorry for the delay, I hope you forgive me. I REALLY LOVE THE QUATRE BANNER SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I'll put it here as soon as I have time to fix this bloggie. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! MISS YOU!!!!!!!!! You take good care of yourself ok.

Eden------ I didn't forget. I'll text you as soon as I load. Miss na rin kita.

It's 1am here now I'm going to bed. Sleep Dreams everyone.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Hey people! Long time no blog... this is due to:
a) I've been busy
b) I've been busy again
c) I've been more busy
with what? With so many things like School.

Kuya Hiei! I received your snail mail and it made me jump and bounce all over the house. I'm sorry I haven't been writing one more thing... " Economic Crisis man dai! " I really miss you a lot and it's true that I owe you so many kwentos. I'm just wondering din kasi if you still go online on MSN. Do you still go there? Ang dami ko talagang kwento and I hope it would fit here. Please tell TITO RAY ANIMO! too. It's ironic talaga, I wasn't even targeting this school tapos I was cheering for Ateneo last year. I guess life has it's own way of playing jokes on people.
I'm in a new environment but it's no big deal. After spending one year of College in our dear Alma Mater it seems like it doesn't anymore matter to me where I go. It's true what you told me... I've reading your e-mails and I've been reading your letters. I remember you saying to me that "our uniforms were the best things since sliced- bread." It's true there's no match for the ideologies of our Alma Mater. Even if I had so many heartaches when I was there, it really pains me to leave it. After all, 12 years of being there seems to be not enough.
Hey, I miss your humor din, I always think about you nga and Tito Ray and Pickles and Tita Lou. So how's your new car pala? Are you going to take any driving lessons? Man Elvira you're getting richer na....... joke lang. Oh yah I forgot to ask you how's work? I think it's still that alienating. How's your school? Do they still look like retards, joke.....
Point blank........ I'm running out of things to say kaya lang feel ko pang mag-type.

I'll get back here as soon as I can.

Write to you again Kuya Hiei.
Love you!
Miss you!

Your Kat Kat

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